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Tourist-excursion Company Pomor-Tour has been operating since April 1994. Welcome of tourists in the Russian North.

Dear friends and colleagues!

Our company has been successfully working in the tourist market of the Arkhangelsk region for many years already and specializes in various kinds of tourism. From the first day of our work we have always tried to be the best in the tourist industr y. As ever y tourist is the only one for us.

We are sincerely glad to present this catalogue Welcome to the Russian North. We tried to present the most interesting places in our region. The Pomor land is a unique place, it has become the cradle of the Russian fleet and the tricolour was destined to be raised here. The gate to the Arctic, the space harbor of Russia, the center of atomic shipbuilding, the cultural center of the Nor th all this is about Arkhangelsk.

Soft and mysterious are the colors of the northern white nights. Beautiful and free are the ancient Pomor tunes. Traditions of the skillful craftsmen are still to be found in the North. Stately is the Solovetsky archipelago and unique are the works of the Northern architects. All this is our small motherland we are proud of.

The main aim of Pomor-Tour is to provide service for the visitors of the Russian North. Our company offers a wide range of tourist services. The region is filled with thrilling discoveries. Even Northerners themselves have much to see here. You will be charmed with the beauty of the Solovetsky Archipelago and the granite colours of the Kiy Island. We invite you to relax in the ecologically clean zones and get acquainted with Arkhangelsk, an amazing city on the banks of the Northern Dvina River. You will enjoy the visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture in Malye Karely and the trip to the colossal structures of the Antoniev-Siysky Monastery. You will have along the northern rivers to the birthplace of one of the greatest Russian scientists, Mikhail Lomonosov. All these attractions are only a mere part of what one could e xperience during the visit to our region with Pomor-T our.

Welcome to Pomor land!
Our work guarantees your successful and pleasant vacation!

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Tourist-excursion Company Pomor-Tour has been operating since April 1994. Welcome of tourists in the Russian North.