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Arkhangelsk - the gate of the Arktik

Arkhangelsk - the gate of the Arktik

(3 days/2 nights)

January –April (group from 1 to 3 people)

Excursion tour on the icebreakers

"Captain Chadayev," "Captain Evdokimov."

1st day: Arrival in Arkhangelsk. Meeting at the airport / railway station. Transfer to the city. Dinner. Accommodation. City tour "Arkhangelsk - gate of the Arctic".

The city was born by the sea, and its life for four centuries is connected with the sea. The first sea trading port. The first sea gate to the countries of Western Europe. The birthplace of Russian shipbuilding. The tour introduces the four centuries-old history of the city, the diverse life of modern Arkhangelsk and its sights.

Visiting the Northen sea Museum. Excursion around the exposition "The Millennium of the Northern Navigation". Dinner.

2nd day:Breakfast. Transfer to the icebreaker "Captain Chadayev" or "Captain Evdokimov" (Berth: MRV, Ekonomiya, Bakaritsa). Landing on the icebreaker. Accommodation in the cabin. Instruction on safety precautions. Departure. The icebreaker travels along the water area of the port of Arkhangelsk on the Northern Dvina The program includes: a sightseeing tour on the icebreaker (captain's cabin, engine room, icebreaker decks, galley). Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Presentation of documentary films about the Arctic, support, reference information.

3rd day: Breakfast. Departure from the icebreaker (Berth: MRV, Ekonomiya , Bakaritsa). A country excursion "Wooden architecture of the North" to the museum "Malye Korely", where you will see domes of ancient temples and churches, windmills, residential and household buildings. Also you will hear a story about the way of life and crafts of the northerners. You will be surprised by the talent of the northern masters. Returning to Arkhangelsk. Dinner Visiting of Museum of Art Development of the Arctic by Borisov. Transfer to the airport / railway station.

Dates of arrivals: on request January-April

Note: Due to the specifics of the operation of the icebreaker in the wiring of ships: the route of the wiring, the landing site, the time of the beginning of the expedition and the time spent on the icebreaker, is recognized 3-6 hours before boarding the ship.

The tour company reserves the right to change the program. But it retains the provision of the services provided during the tour. Landing on the icebreaker is possible both in the 1st and 2nd day of the program..

The tour company is not liable in the event of force majeure (difficult weather conditions, emergency situations and et)


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