Icebreaking fleet of Russia


Icebreaking fleet of Russia

excursion to the icebreaker



Excursion to the icebreaker "Captain Evdokimov" / "Captain Chadayev" 


The excursion to the icebreaker "Captain Evdokimov" will tell about the history of the icebreaking fleet of Russia, will introduce you with the specifics and the device of the icebreaker, excursionists will visit the captain's (navigational) cabin, engine room, cabins and galley, will pass along the decks of the icebreaker. Excursion includes: a sightseeing tour of the icebreaker, viewing a video about icebreakers, escort.  


Duration of the tour is 45 minutes. 


Note: children are allowed from 12 years. 


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