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Arkhangelsk - Solovki

Arkhangelsk - Solovki

Day 1:

Arrival in Arkhangelsk. Meeing at the airport Talagi with the guide Transfer to the hotel "Pur-Navolok hotel." Accommodation. Lunch. City tour "Arkhangelsk - the city with the name of an angel" Arkhangelsk takes a worthy place in the family of the Russian cities. The city is born by the sea, and its life is connected with the sea throughout four centuries. This is the first sea trading port. This is the first sea gate in countries of Western Europe. This is the native land of domestic shipbuilding During the excursion you will visit Archangel Michael's Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church - Solovetskoe courtyard, Trinity Church, Church of the Assumption.

Excursion in Zaostrovye village (white stone Temple Presentation of the Lord (1808) six temple throne, which were moved here from the old, destroyed churches and the wooden church of the Intercession of the Mother of God of the XVII century) Dinner .

Day 2:

Breakfast. Excursion "Treasures of the Antonyiyev Siysky Monastery." During the excursion you will visit Saint-Trinity Antonievo-Siysky monastery. The monastery located in the 160 km from Arkhangelsk. It is a unique Russian architectural monument of the 16th century, situated on the bank of the marvelous Mikhailovskoyo Lake. Today it is a functioning monastery which revives its traditions. Visit the bell tower.

Lunch Departure to the village Holmogory. Holmogory - one of the oldest settlements in the Russian White Sea North. The first mention of Kholmogory occurs in charters in 1138. Examination of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral (1685- 1691), belfry, episcopal chambers (1688-1689), the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (1865) and Twelve Apostles (1755-1761). Excursion to the village Matigory, inspection Voskresenskaya Church. The temple stands on a high bank near a small river. It was built in 1694 and has reached our days, without losing its external decoration. Gold domes glittering, gleaming gold crosses. Return to Arkhangelsk. Dinner.

Day 3:

Breakfast. Meeting with the guide. Walking tour of the of the embankment Northern Dvina. Visit local history museum. Exposition "History and culture of Pomerania. XVI-XVII centuries. ". Transfer to the airport. 13:20 Departure to Solovki. 14:10 Arrival. Transfer to the hotel "Solovki Hotel." Lunch.

15:00 Excursion «History and Architecture of the Solovetsky Monastery»: The Spaso-Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration) Monastery and its numerous hermitages are situated on the islands of the Solovetsky Archipelago in the White Sea. The first monks to inhabit this place were the Reverend Gherman and Savvaty, who came here in 1429. Their cause was continued by the Reverend Zosima who was the first to settle in the place of the monastery to be. The Solovki Cloister soon became the centre of missionary work and the stronghold of the Russian Orthodox Church in the northern lands, as well as the stronghold of the Russian State being a mighty fortress on the way of Swedish, Finnish and other foreign conquerors. You can see the Holy Gates, the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Assumption Church, the Annunciation Church, the Refectory Complex, cobble walls, turrets and watchtowers, the exhibitions of the museum of Gulag. Dinner.

Day 4:

Breakfast Excursion Botanical Gardens – Makarjevskaja Hermitage At the end of the 19th century favourable climatic and soil conditions allowed the monks to arrange botanical garden on the Islands; a great number of plants were acclimatized there, among them apple-tree (M. palassii), dwarf shadbush, Hungarian lilac, Siberian pea-tree, Japanese rose with a high content of vitamin C, etc. The bus will take you to the monuments of the Makary Pustyn (Makary’s Hermitage), you will see the trees planted during the Monastery and Camp periods on the territory of the Botanical Garden. Excursion to Sekirnaya mountain. Sightseers will visit one of the highest points of the Bolshoi Solovetsky Island - Mount Sekirnaya. Acquainted with the history and monuments of the Svyato-voznesenskiy skete, where, during the Solovki camp was a punishment cell - a place of detention and punishment of prisoners, see the unique church-lighthouse. Lunch.

Transfer to the airport. 14:40 Departure to Arkhangelsk. Arrival. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition "Nordic letters" (ancient iconography). Time to buy food for the train. Dinner (self). Transfer to the airport.


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