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Pomorie is the Arktic vektor of Russia


Pomorie is the Arktic vektor of Russia

June-September (4 days/3 nights)



Day 1: 

Arrival to Arkhangelsk. Meeting at the airport "Talagi". Transfer to the city. Sightseeing tour "Arkhangelsk - gate of the Arctic". The city of Arkhangelsk occupies a worthy place in the family of Russian cities. The city was born by the sea, and its life for four centuries is connected with the sea. The first commercial sea port. The first sea gate to the countries of Western Europe. Homeland of domestic shipbuilding. The role of Arkhangelsk in the development of the Arctic is great. How many expeditions known to the whole world began from its berths. The sea glory of Arkhangelsk will not suffice for one port! The tour introduces the four centuries-old history of the city, the diverse life of modern Arkhangelsk, its sights, Arctic expeditions and brave pioneers will tell the tour. Hotel accommodation. Lunch. Visit to the Maritime Museum. Excursion around the exposition "The Millennium of the Northern Navigation". Interactive lesson "Sea knots", where you will learn about the history of sea knots from ancient times to the present, about their main elements, about different types and their application in the marine business. Transfer to the icebreaker "Captain Chadayev". Landing on the icebreaker. Excursion on the icebreaker (captain's cabin, engine room, icebreaker decks, galley). Visit to the souvenir shop "Pomeranian tricks". Return to the hotel. Dinner. 


Day 2: 

Breakfast. Departure to the Museum of Wooden Architecture in the Open Air Malye Korely. Excursion "Wooden Architecture of the North". As the dome of ancient chopped churches and bell-towers ascended to the sky, windmills scattered their wings, the horses' horses arched their necks proudly over the courtyard roofs of residential and household buildings-a living story about the life and crafts of the northerners. During the tour you will get acquainted with the Russian wooden architecture of the XVII-XIX centuries, with exceptional talent and talent of northern masters. Lunch at the tourist complex Malye Karely. Transfer to the Forest hotel "Golubino" (188 km, 3.5 hours). Accommodation. Village dinner in the best traditions of the North. 

Master-class "Cooking pies and shangi" - everyone will be able to learn how to bake the famous northern treat - Shanji, together with the cook knead the dough, we will learn the history of this dish, we will drink tea from the samovar with cooked meals. While the shangi are baked, we will take part in folk games and amusements (1.5 hours). Russian bath with birch broom (for an additional fee). 


Day 3: 

Breakfast. Expedition trip to the guard zone of the Pinega State Reserve "Untouched region": walk along the forest trail, the history of the Reserve creation, inspection of the karst rocks and the reserved river Karjala (5 hours). Lunch. Excursion to the karst cave of the Arkhangelsk region - "Golubinsky failure". In the underground relief, excursionists will see tunnels, galleries, stone halls. (1,5-2 hours) Dinner. 


Day 4: 

Breakfast. Excursion on the ecological path to the waterfall "Holy Spring", walk through the protected forest (1.5 hours). Walk along the ecological path to the ice-free waterfall "Holy Spring". The road passes through beautiful karst logs through a dense taiga forest. Lunch. Release of rooms. Return to Arkhangelsk. Airport transfer. 


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