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Is the Town With an Angels Name

Arkhangelsk, an administrative centre of the Arkhangelsk Region, was founded in 1584 by the order of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible. It is situated mostly on the right bank of the Northern Dvina River and on the numerous islands in its mouth; the city stretches for about 40 km along the river.

Arkhangelsk is a large research and industrial centre in the north-west of Russia. Timber, timber-chemical, pulp-and-paper, fish-processing, machinebuilding, microbiology industrial enterprises are concentrated here.

Arkhangelsk the first sea trading port, the sea gate of Russia, opened the way to the West. Arkhangelsk of our days is not only the largest sea port in the North, but a complex transportation junction connected to other regions of Russia by air, railway and automobile.

Arkhangelsk is called the Gate to the Arctic. 200 educational institutions work in Arkhangelsk today, as well as 18 municipal public health institutions. Arkhangelsk is considered the largest research center in the Russian North.

Cultural life is very rich and diverse in contemporary Arkhangelsk. The tourist and recreation potential of the Arkhangelsk Region is unique, it holds a leading position in Russia in the number of monuments of cultural and historical heritage.

Arkhangelsk is a firework of colours and festivals! It is also the popular center of voyages!

The Short Description
of Excursions in Arkhangelsk

1. Arkhangelsk is the cit y of four centuries.

Arkhangelsk takes a worthy place in the family of the Russian cities. The city was born by the sea, and its life is connected with the sea throughout the centuries. This is the first sea trading port. This is the first sea gate to the countries of Western Europe. This is the native land of Russian shipbuilding. The excursion acquaints you with the history of the city, the diverse life of modern Arkhangelsk and its sights.

2. Arkhangelsk is the gate to the Arctic.

By right Arkhangelsk is called the Gate to the Arctic. The expeditions of V.Y. Chichagov and V.A. Rusanov, A.M. Sibiryakov, G.Y. Sedov, P.K. Pakhtusov, F.P. Litke, I.D. Papanin, O.U. Schmidt were equipped and seen off from here. The excursion acquaints you with the history of the Arctic expeditions and courageous trailblazers.

3. Heritage street of Arkhangelsk.

The pedestrian excursion acquaints you with the heritage street, where you can see wooden architecture typical for Arkhangelsk in the 19-20th century. Also you can acquaint with the life of some outstanding people.

4. The wooden architecture of the North.

Wooden architecture has always been the pearl of the Russian North. During the excursion you will visit an open-air museum . You will admire by the log churches, belfries, mills, izbas (peasant's log huts), granaries. You will be offered traditional hot herbal tea in the Tea Izba.

5. Treasures of the Antoniyev-Siysky Monastery.

During the excursion you will visit Antoniev-Siysky Saint-Trinity Monastery. The monastery is a unique Russian architectural monument of the 16th century, situated on the bank of the marvelous Mikhailovskoyo Lake. Today it is a functioning monastery which revives its traditions.

6. To the motherland of a great Pomor.

This excursion acquaints you with the motherland of a great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. You will visit a stone five-domed ensemble of the 17th century, Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral and the Historical museum. Expositions: The Arkhangelsk region culture, Lomonosov's biography and scientific discoveries, bone-carvers' craftsmanship, old-printed books of the 18th century.

7. Acquaintance with Zaostrovye.

This excursion acquaints you with the way of life in the Russian North. You can see architectural complex of the 17-19th century and walk around the village, talk with local people.

Town With an Angels Name

1st day: Meeting at the railway station. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Excursion around the town. During the excursion our guests will get acquainted with the history of Arkhangelsk from the ancient times till nowadays. The excursion includes sightseeing to the main culturalhistorical monuments of the town with a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. Lunch. Excursion to the museum Old Villa on the Embankment. Dinner (on your own)

2nd day: Breakfast. Excursions Treasure of Antonievo-Siysky monastery. The Antoniyevo-Siysky Monastery was founded in 1520 by the Reverend Antony on a smallish island on the Mikhailovskoye (Michaels) Lake, near the river-head of Siya (today it is the Kholmogorsky District of the Arkhangelsk Region). It bears the name of its first and main cathedral the Holy Trinity Monastery. Lunch at the trapeznaya (canteen) of the monastery. Returning to Arkhangelsk. Dinner (on your own).

3rd day: Breakfast. Excursion to Malye Korely, the Open-Air Museum of Wooden Architecture and Folk Art. Traditional greetings with bread and salt, bell chimes, horse-riding, herbal tea with Russian pies and pancakes. Excursion round the museum, acquaintance with the Russian wooden architecture of the 19th century: houses, churches, barns, built without a single nail. Lunch. Excursion to the museum Opening up of the Arctic named after A. A. Borisov. Transfer.

Arkhangelsk, a Northern Outpost of Russia

The Day of City -June,
The Day of Navy fleet -July

We invite you to take part in maritime celebrations, which are timed to a Russian Navy Day. The celebrations programme offers a visit to the State Museum Malye Korely; an excursion around the town A City with a Name of an Angel; a voyage up the Northern Dvina aboard the wheeled steamer N.V. Gogol; a visit to the Museum of the northern fairy-tale author Stepan Pisakhov.

Youll take part in the celebrations devoted to the Birthday of Arkhangelsk (International festival of street theatres, competitions, attractions, concerts of folk and pop groups and many others things).

Youll take part in the celebrations devoted to the Day of Navy (parade of military ships, landing operation, march-past of military orchestra, exhibition of materiel, competitions etc.)

Jazz Days in Arkhangelsk

During Jazz Days club performances and jam sessions at restaurants and night clubs of the city take place every day. The tour programme includes the survey excursion of Arkhangelsk, visits to the State Museum Malye Korely, to the E.K.Plotnikovas City Residence, as well as jazz music events.

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