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«Jazz over the Nothern Dvina»

Arkhangelsk - the paddle boat "N.V.Gogol" - Arkhangelsk

1st day:

21:10 Arrival to Arkhangelsk. Meeting at the airport “Talagi”. Transfer to the hotel Dvina, accommodation.

2nd day:


View tour of Arkhangelsk Arkhangelsk is the town with the Angel’s name Arkhangelsk – the first sea trading port, sea gate of Russia, opened the way to the West.

Excursion to the museum of Fine Arts.


Foot excursion along the ancient street of old Arkhangelsk, Chumbarov-Lurching street Visit to the school of a folk trade ( masterclass in birch bark ,wooden and pottery toy, patch-work).

18:00 Dinner.

19:30 Boarding the paddle-boat N.V.Gogol.Accommodation. 20:00 Sailing off. The sail along the area of water of the Arkhangelsk port. In the white night of north Summer.

The musical program Jazz over the Northern Dvina.

Excursion around the ship Patriarchy of Russian Fleet is 107

24:00 The Stop in Arkhangelsk, continuation of the sail along the area of the port.

3rd day:

08:30 Arrival at Arkhangelsk. Breakfast. Breakfast.

Excursion to Malye Korely, the open-air museum of wooden architecture and folk art.


Excursion to the museum of northern story-teller Stepan Pisakhov. Free time. Dinner.

4ts day:

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport Talagi.

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