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The Pinega Land

The Pinega Land

The Pinega District is situated in the north-east of the Arkhangelsk Region, in the basin of the Pinega River, the right tributary of the Northern Dvina and the Kuloi River.

The Pinega Land is one of the sources of the Russian culture in Russia, the land which has preserved the cultural roots of its inhabitants. The Pinega Land is that part of the Russian North. Pilgrims who are not indifferent to the ancestors heritage still come to find out the answer to the questions who are we? where are we from?

Is there any other place in the world where the villages themselves are open-air museums, where old songs are passed on from generation to generation, where grannys sarafans (Russian womens outfits) answer their purpose and are still worn , where the past and the present are so closely interwoven that become a single whole.

The spiritual strength that unites the Pinega people is founded on bylinas (epic tales) and songs remembered and passed from grandmothers to their grandchildren, on special Pinega dialect dating back to the 12th century, morals and manners when children are respected and dead are remembered, on ancient traditions and customs from orderly cemeteries to the holidays celebrations both patron saints days and folk holidays.

The Northern weather with its Epiphany frosts and summer blazing heat does not bear falseness in peoples deeds. Maybe this is why the Pinega Land is famous for the houses that were made by peasants centuries ago, for the churches built without a nail. They stand in the most beautiful places, on high banks of the Pinega River as monuments of wooden architecture. Reflecting in the clear waters they remind ships from the past coming to visit us.

The complex programmes for developing village, pilgrim and extreme tourism are being realized in the Pinega Land.

There is a saying about the Pinega Land, You get attached to Pinega immediately, you leave it with sadness and you remember it forever.

The tourist centre "Golubino"

The tourist centre Golubino is situated on the picturesque bank of the river Pinega 188 kilometres from Arkhangelsk near the road Arkhangelsk Mezen. It includes a two-storeyed hotel for 22 persons with cafe with the Russian stove and 4 duplex cottages for 2-4 persons. There is a childrens playground, billiards, a gym, a library, a Russian bath, a swimming-pool at tourists service.

Hotel complex Krasnaya gorka is a comfortable two-storeyed hotel for 50 persons with single and double rooms, a cafe-bar, a museum of northern village, information center, sport complex, center of active and winter kinds of sport. The hotel and the museum occupy sleeping and economy parts of the monastery.

From two sides the hotel and cottages are surrounded by karst rocks and mountains covered with thick coniferous forest. From another two sides the hotel is surrounded by the Pinega-river with big sand beach. Tourists can touch not only last centuries, they can see a nice view of the northern forest and the Pinega-river. In 5 kilometres from the hotel Golubino the hotel complex Krasnaya gorka is situated, where there was a monastery (17 century This monastery is famous for its icons and that it was the last place of sojourn of Russian prince V.V. Golitsin and the monk Nikon from Optinskaya wasteland.

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