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A visit to nomadic reindeer breeders

from February to the end of March

3 days / 2 nights

1st day:

10:10 Arrival to Arkhangelsk. Meeting at the airport in Arkhangelsk. 11:00 Breakfast.

12:30 Departure to the Museum of Wooden Architecture Malye Korely. Excursion to the Mezen sector of the museum "Journey through Mezen." The excursion introduces the folk culture of the Russian North, the monuments of wooden architecture of the XIX-XX centuries and the secrets of their construction, forms an idea of ​​the way of life of the peasants of the most northern regions of the Arkhangelsk region. Visiting the exhibition "Fishing and hunting of Pomorye", the interior of the winter hut of the hunter-fishers, the exhibition "Pomorsky carbas" at the houses of Kuzmin, an exhibition "Peasant fishing vessels in the Russian North."

14:30 Lunch in the restaurant of the city.

15:30 Sightseeing tour "The Arctic begins in Arkhangelsk."

17:30 Visit to the "Gostiny Dvor", where most of the exhibitions and expositions of the Arkhangelsk Museum of Local History are currently located. "Gostiny Dvory" is the oldest building in Arkhangelsk. This is a trading and defensive structure, built at Cape Pur-Navolok in 1668-1684. An architectural monument of federal significance. Visiting the expositions "History and culture of Pomorye. XVI-XVII centuries. »

19:00 Accommodation in the hotel "Dvina". Dinner (self).

2nd day:

Breakfast. 07:00 Departure to Golubino (188 km). Arrival. Tea drinking with local pastries. Walking along the protected forest, along the snow-covered path to the ice-free waterfall "Holy Spring". On the narrow winding trail you will reach one of the true wonders of the world - the waterfall "Holy Spring". On the way the guide will tell you about the taiga of Pinega forests, animals and plants , which can be found here, about the spirit of evil, which are feared by local people. Lunch. Excursion to the cave "Golubinsky Failure". Pinega caves are a unique natural phenomenon attracting tourists from all over the world. The caves and groves of the Pinega caves are the most extensive and numerous in the European part of Russia. The «Golubinsky Failure is one of the most beautiful equipped caves in Pinegae. Master class "Cooking pies and shangi". Everyone will be able to learn how to bake the famous northern food - Shangi, together with cook, knead the dough, learn the history of this dish, drink tea from a samovar with cooked food. Dinner. Bath (for an additional fee).

3rd day:

Breakfast. 08:00 Excursion "On a visit to nomadic reindeer herders" (50 km). Nomadic reindeer herders are a tundra population that leads a traditional way of life. People who have remained faithful to their ancestors and continue to live in the tundra, in their plague and year round, move from one pasture to another with their families and deer herds. Reindeer herding is not only one of the branches of agriculture, it is the meaning of life for the tundra population. The deer is the meaning of life for the inhabitant of the tundra. From him he receives everything: food, and dwelling (the traditional plague is made from reindeer skins), and clothing (malice, yagushki, kisy), and means of transportation, and money that helps out for meat, hides, horns. The more reindeer herders have, the richer they are. The road of nomadic reindeer breeders depends on the stern of the deer. A person not only needs to keep up with the deer, but it is also necessary to lead it to fat pastures. Acquaintance with life. Communicate with hospitable reindeer herders. Riding a reindeer team, photos in malitsa - in a national costume. You can feed deer, for this you need to grab stale bread. If desired, you can buy venison, deer hide products.

Return to the Forest Hotel Golubino.

15:00 Lunch.

16:00 Departure to Arkhangelsk. 18:30 Arrival. Airport transfer. Departure to Moscow.

Note: The Tourist Company has the right to change the order and time of the excursions, provided that the program is fully implemented.
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