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Solovki - the northern outpost of Russia"


Solovki- the nothern outpost of Russia


4 days/3 nights



Day 1: 

10:00 Arrival to Arkhangelsk. Meeting at the airport "Talagi". Sightseeing tour "Arkhangelsk - gate of the Arctic". The city of Arkhangelsk occupies a worthy place in the family of Russian cities. The city was born by the sea, and its life for four centuries is connected with the sea. The first commercial sea port. The first sea gate to the countries of Western Europe. Homeland of domestic shipbuilding. The role of Arkhangelsk in the development of the Arctic is great. How many expeditions known to the whole world began from its berths. The sea glory of Arkhangelsk will not suffice for one port! The tour introduces the four centuries-old history of the city, the diverse life of modern Arkhangelsk, its sights, Arctic expeditions and brave pioneers will tell the tour. Transfer to the airport Vaskovo.  

13:20 Departure to the Solovetsky Islands. (50 minutes) Arrival. Transfer to the hotel "Solovetska Sloboda". Accommodation. Lunch. Excursion "Sightseeing tour of the Solovki Monastery" Walking tour (3 hours) introduces visitors to the history of the Solovetsky Monastery. Tourists visit the territory of the central complex of the monastery, operating temples, monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, objects of economic activities of the monastery. Dinner. Master class "Fish in the North" - everyone can take part in cooking and tasting traditional northern fish treats (cod, salmon, halibut.) 


Day 2: 

Breakfast. Excursion to Sekirnaya Hill. Tourists will visit one of the highest points of the Great Solovetsky Island – Sekirnaya Hill, from the top of which opens an unforgettable view of the northern part of the Great Solovetsky Island and the White Sea. They will get acquainted with the history and monuments of the functioning Holy Ascension monastery, where during the Solovki camp there was a punishment cell - the place of detention and punishment of prisoners. They will see a unique lighthouse church. Excursion "Botanical garden - Makaryevskaya desert". Tourists will visit one of the northernmost botanical gardens in Russia, which is located on the territory of the former Makaryevskaya desert, see monuments, unique plantings of various periods of the history of the Solovetsky Islands, enjoy an amazing view of the ensemble of the Solovetsky Monastery opening from the Aleksandrovskaya Hill. Lunch. 

Excursion "History of the Solovki Special Purpose Camp. 1923-1939". On this excursion, visitors will learn about the Solovki Special Purpose Camp, the stages of the development of the camp and its reorganization in 1937 to the Solovetsky Special Purpose Prison, and also learn about the fate of the prisoners. They will visit a new exposition about the camp and a monument to the Solovki prisoners. Dinner. 


Day 3: 

Breakfast. Excursion "Primitive archeology of Solovki". Tourists will receive information about the largest pagan sanctuary of the II-I millennium BC and archaeological monuments of Solovki. Lunch. Transfer to the airport. 14: 45 Flight to Arkhangelsk. Arrival. Transfer to the city of Arkhangelsk. Excursion to the Gostiny Dvor. Arkhangelsk Gostiny Dvory is a trading and defensive structure built on Cape Pur-Navolok in 1668-1684. An architectural monument of federal significance. For today, the Gostiny Dvor became the oldest building in Arkhangelsk! The peculiarity of the building is the connection in one ensemble of two guest yards, Russian and German, and a formidable impregnable fortress. Hotel accommodation. Dinner. 


Day 4: Breakfast. Departure to the Museum of Wooden Architecture in the Open Air Malye Korely. Excursion "Wooden Architecture of the North". As the dome of ancient chopped churches and bell-towers ascended to the sky, windmills scattered their wings, the horses' horses arched their necks proudly over the courtyard roofs of residential and household buildings-a living story about the life and crafts of the northerners. During the tour you will get acquainted with the Russian wooden architecture of the XVII-XIX centuries, with exceptional talent and talent of northern masters. Master class in folk crafts. Lunch. Visit to the souvenir shop "Pomeranian tricks". Transfer to the airport 


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